Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Serendipitous Beginnings.....

It's almost a New Year. This is a wonderful time of the year for a lot of people. New beginnings, new hopes, high intentions. Goals set..... One of these for a lot of people is finding a new relationship.

This time last year I was single. I had ended a "nearly there" relationship because it wasn't good for me. I knew what I wanted, I just didn't know how to find it. What I did know is that liking who I was first & foremost was the most important aspect of finding "him". So it was with a spring in my step and music in my ear courtesy of my iphone that I walked to the gym. It was New Year's Eve. I was going to one of my oldest friend's homes that evening. Was taking M - my ten year old son - and hanging out with J & C - and their two adorable girls. I didn't have a date. I was fine with that. I was happy. In love with life. I would have liked to know someone special but I knew that sooner or later I would. It was just a matter of when. But the point is I was comfortable with myself - and excited rather than daunted by my single life.

Then "it" happened. I was wearing my ipod in a pocket device, secured by a velcro strap on my hip. Walking down a hill in Teneriffe my ipod decided to take a journey on its own. Perhaps it was objecting to the Matt Kearney tune I was playing. Or maybe, just maybe some other hand was at play. We will never know. But my ipod went flying. Down, down, down the street - heading straight for the storm water drain. And I was running after it like a crazy woman - calling out "don't go in the drain, don't go in the drain.". It went in the drain. Sitting there trying to retrieve it - once establishing that it was not smashed, I was, I admit, putting in out there that I wanted help. I do not admit to flagging down cars, as S will say I was. But anyway when a 4WD pulled up, reversed and released a cute mid to late 30s guy, with that three day growth look that I liked, I wasn't complaining. He told me he was an engineer and "used to design these things". I was only mildly impressed. I just wanted my phone, I didn't care how he got it. After attempting to unscrew the drain he realised he could just lift it up. I didn't mind. I admit in the time he was taking to assess the drain I was coming to some more conclusions about him. He was cute and he was nice. I had no idea if he was single. In fact I thought he was married. He just kind of looked settled. He looked, I thought, like someones dad. But no - I didn't look for a ring and I didn't see the baby seat in the back of his car. I just went on instinct - and, as usual, it didn't let me down.

As I thanked him for my precious phone and walked away to the gym I can remember thinking that at least he knows which gym I go to. He could always have joined... But he trumped that. He drove across (on the wrong side)the road, beeped his horn and called out to me just as I was about to walk in the door. He was a bit shy and embarrassed (which I liked) and apologised for being "tacky". He asked me "if I was dating anyone" and then gave me his card. It was up to me to call him but I thought as he had gone to a lot of trouble - risking traffic infringement and all - that was the least I could do.

There is more to this story - and I'm willing to tell more - in other blogs if you like. That was the last day of last year. This year has been a good one. S & I moved in together a few months ago and our boys are happy, we hope. It's been an interesting ride - and there are still more to come. I am no longer single - but am equally as excited. I wasn't looking that very moment but I was ready for when it came. That is serendipity. Be ready for the unexpected. And make friends with your iphone.

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