Monday, May 9, 2011

Buts, Butts & Rebuttals

There was a lot of talk about behinds last weekend. No – not the AFL kind- I mean bottoms, buttocks, bums! First Pippa Middleton’s is fantastic. And the world saw it. Her dress was stunning. Her hair & make up – perfect. What a lot of people seemed to concentrate on though was her rear end. A facebook page was even set up (with a very substantial number of hits) heralding it.

I heard this morning that she’s been offered $5 Mil to do one scene in an “adult” film. Who are they kidding and why did they even bother to ask. The Royal family vetoed The Chaser. They are hardly going to allow the sister of the future Queen to do Pippa Does Paris are they? Besides that would be a huge slight to Margaret. No one ever asked her to get her gear off and get paid for it…. I don’t think…

The other bottom of interest was Karl Stefanovic’s wife’s. I haven’t seen it personally but I take his word for it – as it seems so does the rest of Australia. The Today’s Show’s ratings have climbed even further – thanks to Karl – or his wife’s personal training commitments. After I heard his silver Logie speech I didn’t even bother staying up for the Gold. I knew it was in the bag. And I couldn’t stomach anymore Andre Rieu (sorry- that’s just me).

A man who tells the country that he loves his wife’s arse is a national treasure. No matter what anyone says – this is a great compliment. Let’s face it, Karl is a massive flirt. He makes women feel good about themselves. This is an art. But in order for him not to be seen as a sleaze – he needs to show the world that he loves and admires his wife. Karl is not stupid. Nor is his wife. Hugh Jackman is another example. He is the furthest thing from sleazy and obviously and openly adores his wife – yet he still makes women feel wonderful in his presence. Karl had to step it up a gear to get his message across. The twinkle in his eye and “appreciative” comments on and to women are not relationship applications – just gestures of good will. At least I hope this is the case…

Across the board- usually if someone is confident in life and in a relationship – compliments to their partner will not be an issue. I have been in past relationships when I was punished if a man looked at me – let alone gave me a compliment. I was told that I must be encouraging it. I know some women who have openly admitted that they prefer to go out with less attractive men as it makes them feel more secure and hot.

Someone accused me of this once. I reluctantly had to admit that – no – this was not my objective – as these men didn’t consider themselves less attractive – and certainly didn’t make me feel very secure. I went out with a chronic flirt once. He would flirt with waitresses, other school mums, my friends. I think he drew the line at my sisters and mother (much to my relief) but he once was so overtly ogling my cousin that I felt (and she too as a matter of fact) sick to the point of revulsion.

These type of flirts do not make anyone feel good – except themselves. A good flirt knows how to read the lay of the land. They don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. Karl made women and wives Australia wide happy for he and his wife. He made his wife feel desirable and “hot”. Samantha Armytage seemed to be the only one with an issue. But there is my point again…. If she was feeling a lot better about her own physique she may have been more open to the cuteness of Cassie’s.

And I’m sure Pippa Middleton’s boyfriend is as proud as punch whilst quietly suggesting that wholesome rom coms are his movie genre of choice…

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