Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LITTLE DATING DIARY #4 Brio Espresso & Juice, Teneriffe

Set along the strip on café’s at Teneriffe in between The London Club and Claret House, this is a little gem. Sunny in the morning which in a godsend on a windy wintery morning, the crowd is very Teneriffe aka young, relaxed, beautiful & seem to have their own unique time schedule.

I hadn’t had breakfast so I ordered scrambled eggs which were to die for. The juice list was expansive (this is what they are famous for – you can even add alcohol after 10am). I went for the non-alcoholic variety of apple, pineapple & mint. Was amazing. You could almost taste the tree still in the fruit (in a good way) . And my good old favourite English breakfast tea was in a good (non leaky) pot with an excellent strainer that you didn’t have to wrestle with or find a large chunk of tea at the bottom. You would be surprised how many people (insert Don Burke) up tea – believe me and it annoys the hell out of me.

The first girl serving me seemed like she wanted to be anywhere else but (she may have been having a bad day or just broken up with her boyfriend) but the next guy and the staff inside were all great, cheerful and warm. I bought a chocolate crackle for the boys and accidently left it there. Half way up the street, one of the guys runs up and gives it to me with a massive smile and a “you forgot your crackle”. Was a nice gesture and a gentle reminder to always remember my crackle...

This could be a good regular for a resident or worker of Teneriffe. Sorry I can’t report on the coffee but it looked and smelled great if that’s any help? And heading into the summer months – those juices are serious stuff for the healthy de toxers out there.

So for locals a big tick. Cannot comment for the weekend. Can imagine they would get extremely busy. Although I did notice they serve breakfast till 5pm! (see told you Teneriffe has its own time zone).

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